EV Charging Demand Support

TROES is launching the “EV Charging Station Initiative” to provide turnkey solutions integrating its distributed energy storage systems with high power charging outlets and solar panels to meet the increased energy demands and to save on energy costs.

TROES welcomes collaboration with all interested parties with project ideas and opportunities in our bid to accelerate the adoption of innovative, cost effective and sustainable EV charging infrastructure.

  • Peak shaving for grid connected chargers
  • Significant bill savings with renewable generation
  • Reduced interconnection bottlenecks and approval time period
  • Turn key solution with minimum consultations

Case Example


A commercial EV charging station that pays energy rates as well as demand rates in its utility bills.


Integrate EV charging station with BESS and renewable generation to reduce excess demands from the grid

PV system: Generates enough energy to meet the load and charging demands during day time

BESS: Starts discharging and supports the load in absence of solar input

EV Chargers: Level 2 and Level 3 DC EV chargers with high charging power that can charge EVs in a short time period

Potential clients

New and existing Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs), office and commercial buildings, universities, business fleet and freight, public transportation system and the agriculture, construction and mining sectors