Community Case Study

Off-Diesel Initiative: Solar Microgrids


How do you reduce the expensive fuel and maintenance costs of diesel microgrids?
How do you reduce carbon footprint?
How do you integrate renewable energy systems effectively into existing diesel microgrids?


TROES’ Battery Energy Storage allows integration of solar system to the diesel microgrid to eliminate expensive fuel costs. We welcome collaboration with various partners, viz., Renewable Energy Project Developers, EPCs, IPPs, Power Contractors.

About The System

On-site batteries store the power generated by PV system and existing diesel genset, which can run at maximum efficiency in the face of varying load conditions.

Our proprietary battery designs include a Battery Management System (BMS) with 3-layers of control and 3-layers of operation protection and an AI powered Dual-Equilibrium™ Technology, proven to improve battery lifecycle & overall system efficiency.

TROES render of a BESS container being used off-grid for a community


Model TOG-100
Battery Technology
Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4)
BESS Capacity
1180 kWh
Usable Energy
878.86 kWh
BESS AC Output Power
200 kW
AC Output Voltage
Solar System Size
200 kW
Rated DC Voltage
729.6 V
Operating Temperature
-30° to 45° C
>10 years
System Dimension
12.2 * 2.44 * 2.59 m
Compliance Standards
Battery Cell: UL1642
Battery Packs: UL1973, UN38.3

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