Parking Lot Case Study

Lv 3 EV Charging Station, California, US


EV charging infrastructures are power intensive and accrue lots of electricity costs under the energy bills. Our client in California, US operates an EV charging infrastructure with Level 3 DC EV chargers which has power demands higher than 30 kW and in some cases above 100 kW.


In urban areas, there are many cases of grid infrastructure reaching its limit in terms of load capacity and this is becoming a major concern. To resolve this, the client has ideally sought to utilize solar PV and energy storage system to make bill savings by taking the infrastructure off the grid.

Cost Saving Benefits

The cost of system considered here is US$188,000. Taking 3000 hours sunshine in California and the EV charger usage fee as US$0.2/min (US$0.4 kWh), the annual revenue will be US$36,000 with a payback period of around 5.2 years.

Initial Cost Annual Usage Annual Revenue Payback
90,000 kWh
~5.2 years

About The System

The SolarToGo™ system comprises of a pure Off-grid Level 3 EV charger, powered by a scalable solar system and a 280 kWh BESS. This setup will be able to charge an ordinary EV up to 80% in just 30 minutes. So, these charging stations will be useful even when a vehicle is parked for short period of time.

Level 3 EV Charging station for vehicles used in TROES parking lot case study

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