Instantaneous Load Response

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Instantaneous Load Response Use Case Example


A biomass power plant has different load variations and slow ramp up speed with high fuel & maintenance costs, and emissions using diesel generators.


  • Zero emissions
  • Zero fuel costs
  • Zero maintenance costs


For some energy generation power plants, it is not possible to operate at a flat output but need to ramp up fast enough either to keep up with load growth in the morning or ramp down fast enough to follow the load drop off at night. A biomass power plant typically uses diesel generators for their speed in help with the load-response, but the emissions, fuel and maintenance costs are not sustainable in the long run for the company and the environment.

Instead a 500kW/2228kWh BESS system can replace the existing 500kW diesel generator to achieve the same or even superior load-response performance, but with significant cost savings. Suppose a generator costs $80,000 but requires $361,192 per year of fuel costs and $94,718 per year in maintenance costs. If the generator is replaced with a battery energy storage system (BESS) that costs $1,782,400, the payback period would take approximately just under 4 years.

With Diesel Generator:

Statistics for Instantaneous Load Response with Diesel Generator

With BESS:

Statistics for Instantaneous Load Response BESS

*Note: Results may vary depending on location, prices, incentives and policies.