Non-Wires Alternative

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Non-Wires Alternative Use Case Example


Interrupted power supply due to transmission and distribution line overhauls with lengthy timelines, inadequacy of substations for growing load demands, and the need for backup supply in emergency conditions.


  • Capacity firming
  • Peak shaving
  • Quick access for service
  • Capital deferral for reduced need of infrastructure upgrades


Battery energy storage system (BESS) coupled with a mobile substation to provide uninterrupted power and compensating for capacity constraints of existing substations. The unit can be relocated to sites with power inadequacies and support seasonal peaking demands.

A city going through an economic boom and experiencing a rapid urban development requires new housing, commercial & industrial buildings and more. Due to the fast pace of development, the cost to upgrade and add new power transmission and distribution infrastructure will be prohibitive and the city cannot continue to rely on existing infrastructure due to load capacity constraints. Instead, the city can deploy a fleet of mobile substations with battery energy storage system on a flatbed sub-trailer to provide uninterrupted power and support cyclical peaking demands and continue to enjoy the benefits of economic growth.