Curious about how off-diesel can help your project?

Off-Diesel Use Case Example


A First Nation Reserve community spends over $1 million dollars annually on diesel fuel for its electricity micro grid. The output is unreliable as power goes out at least once every week, while the emissions pose serious health risk, with WHO recently classifying diesel fumes as a carcinogen, “a major cancer risk”.


  • Reduction in electricity costs
  • Reduction of grid electricity usage
  • Huge annual fuel cost savings
  • Reduction in noise & emission levels
  • Reduction maintenance costs


TROES’ battery energy storage system (BESS) allows integration of solar PV system to the existing microgrid to reduce diesel consumption tremendously. Such integration would allow the diesel generators to operate at optimum frequencies, reducing operation hours & curbing the emissions. Add smart battery storage to your solar panels and discover new benefits.

Suppose there is a community with a 500 kW diesel generator, and it is replaced with a 1 MW solar PV system and a 4.5 MWh BESS. The battery and solar system work together to provide electricity during the day while charging and discharging during peak hours. The annual fuel cost savings can be over half a million dollars. This configuration also allows the generators to operate at their optimal frequency, this reducing annual O&M costs along with the noise and emission levels.

An example off TROES off-diesel application

*Note: Results may vary depending on location, prices, incentives and policies.