How is Off-Diesel Used?

TROES is advancing off-diesel initiative wherein its distributed energy storage systems will be used to provide Non-Wires alternative solution to remote and/or off-grid communities.

TROES welcomes collaboration with all interested parties with project ideas and opportunities in our big to alleviate diesel usage for electricity generation activities. Our projects will provide a resilient and scalable energy infrastructure that promotes among the rest: local well-being, power to hospitals, emergency shelter, food storage, water and wastewater facilities.

Benefits of Off-Diesel

Off-Diesel Diagram example of how TROES' container systems connects to a PCS which powers up an off-grid community

Off-Diesel Use Case Example


Biomass Generator Instantaneous Load Response


Remote Communities


Biomass generator does not ramp up fast enough to keep up with load growth during the day micro-grid system. High operation cost for using a diesel generator for load response.


A 2.2MWh/1MWh BESS to replace diesel for Biomass instantaneous load support
off-diesel savings example
*Note: Results may vary depending on location, prices, incentives and policies.