Off-Diesel Initiative

TROES is advancing this initiative wherein its distributed energy storage systems will be used to provide Non-Wires Alternative solution to remote and/or off-grid communities.

TROES welcomes collaboration with all interested parties with project ideas and opportunities in our bid to alleviate diesel usage for electricity generation activities. Our projects will provide a resilient and scalable energy infrastructure that promotes among the rest: local well-being, power to hospitals, emergency shelter, food storage, water and wastewater facilities.

  • Tremendous savings in fuel costs.
  • Logistical challenges of fuel hauling is eliminated.
  • GHG emission reductions.
  • Low operation and maintenance expenses.

Case Example


A typical remote community with diesel based electricity suffering from power outages and large annual fuel costs.


PV system: Generates enough energy to meet the load and charging demands during day time

BESS: Starts discharging and supports the load in absence of solar input

Diesel backup: Used only in prolonged absence of sunlight and once battery has discharged to a minimum level.