Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)


Our IOT based and AI powered battery energy storage systems are geared towards helping mid market Commercial, Industrial and Institutional (CII) clients to store electricity and transfer it over time. All our systems use the most reliable and mature lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4), and the modular “Off-The-Shelf” design of these systems can accommodate specific dimensions and capacities; from 100kWh to over 100MWh.

The proprietary battery designs include a Battery Management System (BMS) with 3-layers of control and 3-layers of operation protection and an AI powered Dual-Equilibrium™ Technology, proven to improve battery lifecycle & overall system efficiency. Additionally, all our systems include a remote monitoring system that leverages modern cloud infrastructure to enable easy and effective remote access to installations of TROES’ energy storage systems.

Which Battery Energy Storage System is right for my project?

An Image of TROES' indoor battery energy storage system

Indoor Cabinet

Our Indoor battery energy storage system is the perfect solution for those wanting direct control of their energy indoors. Our modular system is designed to perfectly fit the exact dimensions you please. Our locker sized BESS contains our stackable battery packs that can be separated to provide energy to different rooms.

Outdoor Cabinet

TROES’ outdoor battery energy storage system is the perfect solution for those wanting to cut costs on their small outdoor projects. Our system is designed to include only the resources you require. Best used for small to medium size projects. For large projects, we recommend utilizing our container cabinet.

An image of TROES' container battery energy storage system

Container Cabinet

Our container battery energy storage system is the ultimate solution for those who want to save the biggest costs on their projects. Our customizable container is only limited by your imagination. The container cabinets come in three sizes; 10, 20 and 40 feet and is fire, smoke & water suppressed.

BESS Specifications


Energy Potential

Battery Lifespan


BESS Projects in Operation

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