Purchasing Options

Flexible Financing Options

Battery energy storage makes financial sense for all power consumers, but investing up front can be unrealistic and expensive. TROES understands that, that’s why we suggest different financial institutions when looking at purchasing options to help make your transition to energy storage that much easier.

Capital Purchase

Capital and operational expenditures of all renewable technologies is decreasing. We work with clients to lower the costs of their installations further via incentive programs, and for eligible projects we assist in funding application which covers a substantial chunk of the capital.

Customer Loans

With our financing partners, clients can expect great degree of debt financing of total costs with competitive rates. These rates and terms of repayment (usually 2 to 12 years) depend on the underlying risk profile.


Leasing is the perfect solution for companies that want to free their cash flows, spread the cost of equipment over several years, and deduct their income taxes. You can get interest rates as low as 4.8%. All applications are evaluated on merit, not just your credit score. Get set up with quick quotes, fast approvals and funding from our third-party financial partners.

Asset Financing

Under a PPA, our clients can enter into a long-term power buying agreement with our third-party developer partners in projects with provision of renewable generation. Our clients usually pay nothing for the installation, although some small setup fee might be applicable. The developer will purchase, install and maintain the systems on the client’s property, effectively leasing the space required for the installation.

Work with TROES

Power your next project using energy storage. Our Sales and Engineering team will work with you to find out if energy storage makes financial and economical sense.