Leadership Team

Vienna Zhou headshot picture

vienna zhou

CEO & Founder
board member

Vienna Zhou has spent her 15-plus year working career in and around energy efficiency and clean energy technologies, including HVAC, Energy Efficiency Retrofit, Renewable Energy and Manufacturing. Vienna has acquired a full complement of skills in management, sales, marketing, product development, manufacturing and corporate strategy. Among Vienna’s prior roles were leadership positions at Carrier and United Technologies where she was part of the founding team and acted as intrapreneur to bring North America energy retrofit and green building consulting business to Asia market. Vienna educational attainments include Master of Mechanical engineering and MBA degrees from major universities. Founded TROES in 2018 with the goal of leading the energy revolution that will transform the electrical industry in the 21st century.

Dennis DosSantos headshot picture

Dennis Dos Santos

CFO & SVP of corporate development
board member

Dennis Dos Santos is a multi-faceted business executive with engineering experience in technology product development, financial experience as a capital markets professional and executive leadership roles in several companies. These roles have had demanding mandates, from mission-critical control systems to multinational M&A transactions to being a key part of management teams leading companies to successful exits. As an engineer he received the CP Rail customer service award; as a capital market professional he was a number one ranked technology analyst; as an executive he was CFO and member of the Board of Directors during Reddwerks Corp’s sale to Dematic Corporation.

nicholas parker

Board member

Nick pioneers sustainability ventures, funds and initiatives around the world for over three decades. Nick started Canada’s leading environmental strategy firm, created the world’s largest innovation platform of its kind, launched an $800M investment group and founded a state-owned water company. Nick coined and developed the “cleantech” concept, introducing it to the finance and business community in 2002. Under his leadership as “Mr. Cleantech”, he mobilized over $6B in private equity and convened thousands of decision-makers, while serving influential businesses and institutions in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

angelo del luca

board member

Angelo Del Duca was former Director of National Research Council Canada (NRC), he has screened and supported thousands of Technology-based companies. Angelo has extensive experience in the electronics industry including the research and development of electronic systems and devices. Angelo is acting as Chairman of York Angel groups, one of Canada's biggest Angel investment groups.

rakesh Sahukhal

business development engineer

Rakesh Sahukhal has a proven track record of initiating and managing multi-stakeholder processes in projects ranging from installation of renewable technologies to climate change, sustainable development to HVAC systems.

John Manalis headshot picture

john manalis

marketing & sales director

John Manalis has over 2 decades worth of diverse marketing experience in management and consulting for Fortune 500 companies such as CIBC and Unilever. Previously, John was once fully responsible for marketing in all of Europe!

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