Microgrid/Off-Grid Technologies

BESS for Microgrid/Off-Grid Applications

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) can ensure consistent and reliable power output even without grid access for Microgrid/off-grid applications where power generation and consumption occur independently of the main electrical grid. Different DERs like solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cell and generators can be configured in Microgrid/off-grid or hybrid setup with grid.

TROES Microgrid/Off-Grid Cases

BESS + Propane Generator

BESS + Grid + Diesel Generator

BESS + Hydrogen Fuel Cell + EV charger

BESS + On/Off Grid

TROES Microgrid/Off-Grid Technologies

TROES offers Microgrid Simulation for sizing systems for balanced loads and cost efficiency. The Microgrid-in-a-Box comprises of intelligent BESS and microgrid controllers with fuel-saving algorithms for stable off-grid operation, with provisions for renewable energy integration. These allow to address and resolve concerns unique to islanding modes:

  • – Off-grid algorithms to minimize fuel consumption
  • – SOC management
  • – Back-feeding prevention Mechanical interlock 
  • – Unmanned monitoring and remote maintenance
  • – AI powered operation optimization

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