Safe & Innovative Technology

Why Choose TROES?

TROES helps small and middle market power distributors and consumers solve pain points such as:

  • High utility bills
  • Power reliability issues
  • Capacity shortage from existing grid infrastructure
  • Unavailability of grid coverage

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Technology

Lithium-ion batteries are a no brainer. They are safer and have a longer lifespan compared to NMC lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries mixed with our innovative and efficient battery pack ensures that your BESSs can live for over 10 years.

Cloud-based Operation Maintenance

TROES’ battery packs integrate the function of Internet of Things (IoT). We adapt Cloud Technology to do remote monitoring, remote alarms, and remote operation and maintenance, which ensures the safety and efficient operation of the customer’s energy storage system.

Battery Pack Secures Safety

TROES’ proprietary battery packs have passed more than 30 safety tests from two authoritative safety organizations. Those tests include rigorous electrical, mechanical, material, environmental and failure risk tests according to UL and UN/DOT 38.3 compliance standard. Any flammable material exceeding the standard, protection failure, fire and explosion, insulation or shell damage, liquid leakage or toxic gas leakage is not acceptable.


Extreme Conditions Testing

TROES batteries have passed more than 30 safety tests. These tests include rigorous electrical, mechanical, material, environmental and failure tests. Two of the most demanding tests TROES batteries successfully pass include the heat spread test and the cell puncture test.

Proprietary Dual-Equilibrium™ Technology

With the usage of lithium battery packs, it is difficult to maintain performance consistency for all individual cells. Especially in large-scale grid applications, the battery cycle life will be seriously affected over time.

TROES solves this issue by combining the advantages of both passive and active equalization and avoids the shortcomings of both.


Top-Notch Design Distinguished From Competition

TROES’ top-notch design focusing on reliability and safety makes our products very different from other competitors. These excellent features include 1C/1Hr design for greater capacity and wider applications, and arc-proof design of the walk-in system and extra layer protection between BMS and PCS.

Work with TROES

Power your next project using energy storage. Our Sales and Engineering team will work with you to find out if energy storage makes financial and economical sense.