Backup Solution Case Study

Backup Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Solar and Diesel as an Option


Outdoor Cabinets

TROES Battery Capacity:


Key Components:

BESS, Solar PV, Fossil Fuel Generator, Control Software


Resiliency, Renewable Self-Supply during Natural Disasters


Client Challenge

Some key loads in the building needs to be backed up when there is a power outage. Backup time could be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 4 hours. In times of need, this inconsistency in backup power can be detrimental to building functions.


Our solution is a Battery Energy Storage System with the ability to support the load for a maximum 4 hours. Solar or diesel could be added as options for an extra power source if support is required outside of the 4-hour design. Even without Solar or diesel, this Battery Energy Storage System is expandable to support a backup solution over 12 hours if necessary.



TROES provides a Battery Energy Storage System capable of shifting from on-grid to off-grid manually or automatically when there is a power outage. If required, the shifting time could be even controlled every few milliseconds. TROES is also able to supply an off-grid transportable power system to support several hours for a backup solution.


Customer Type:

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Firm

Project Timeframe:

May 2022 – Dec 2022

Initial Project Cost:


End User:


Company Background

TROES Corp. is a technology firm serving renewable and microgrid-based battery energy storage solutions within the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. TROES is building a global champion in the decentralized energy environment by bringing modular hardware and in-house software to offer a complete “Microgrid-in-a-Box” turn-key solution.

TROES differentiates by developing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering complete, modular, scalable systems – covering the underserved small to medium sized utility companies between 70kWh-5MWh.

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