Transportable Power Case Study

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Solar and Fast EV Charging


Portable Battery Energy Storage, System Truck/Train Design

TROES Battery Capacity:


Key Components:

Transportable Fast EV Charger, Solar Panel, Energy Storage, Control Software


Portable EV Charging, Rechargeable Solar Array


Client Challenge

Public EV direct current fast charger infrastructures are insufficient, with demand constantly increasing. Many industries are looking for flexible, inexpensive charging solutions, including our client.


TROES is working with our U.S. partner to develop a high-capacity portable fast EV charging station with 1.3MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to charge multiple cars. It is rechargeable with a 60kW solar array or from a grid connection.



TROES has worked with our U.S. partner for several projects and was chosen as the best fit for the renewable transportable power project due to our highly modular, transportable, and flexible design, combined with our software to produce a turnkey solution that will automatically operate the system remotely.


Customer Type:

US-Based Project Developer and EPC

End User:

Local Energy Commission

Project Timeframe:

July 2022 – May 2023

Initial Project Cost:


0Estimated Payback:

~ 6 Years

Company Background

TROES Corp. is a technology firm serving renewable and microgrid-based battery energy storage solutions within the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. TROES is building a global champion in the decentralized energy environment by bringing modular hardware and in-house software to offer a complete “Microgrid-in-a-Box” turn-key solution.

TROES differentiates by developing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering complete, modular, scalable systems – covering the underserved small to medium sized utility companies between 70kWh-5MWh.

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