California, USA


Site Testing

Cabinet Type

Outdoor Cabinet


EV Charging


375kW / 375kWh 


TROES’ client is a technology company tackling issues such as insufficient grid capacity, range anxiety and red tape surrounding permits and installation processes for EV charging station projects. Additionally, these conventional charging systems require regular maintenance and lack scalability, making it difficult to effectively meet varying power demands or integrate with renewable energy sources.


ROES worked as an Original Design Manufacturer for the client integrating their fuel-based generator with its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) into a 20 ft container, with TROES’ proprietary microgrid controller. This system offers supplementary power for routine DC fast charging, grid-independent backup power for EVs and resilience during outages, and mobile power for emergency and disaster response. By minimizing deployment lead time and optimizing efficiency, performance, and cost of energy, TROES’ solution ensures power needs are met in any grid condition, whether single-phase, weak or off-grid, rural or urban.

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