Powering Universities Using Battery Energy Storage Systems Coupled with Solar

TROES BESS at an Illinois University

Universities using battery energy storage will be the future. Universities are ideal places to encourage and use disruptive energy technologies. This is mainly due to the unique high density environment of people, equipment, facilities, events, and energy usage.

A US University chose TROES Corp. to supply a scalable 100kW/222kWh Hybrid BESS for a micro-grid pilot project. In particular, the client plans to build a micro-grid made up of battery energy storage system, a hybrid power conversion system, a microgrid-controller, and solar panels. Specifically, the goal is to supply power to the campus as part of a study towards using more renewable energy. Universities using battery energy storage will help their campuses be energy efficient, lower electricity costs, promote sustainability, and encourage research in cutting edge energy technologies. 

“We are pleased that our advanced Lithium Iron Energy Storage Solution and Customizable Off-the-Shelf design won this deal so we can help our client to move forward with their plans to energy savings and resiliency and engage students with this technology”. Vienna Zhou, CEO of TROES Corp.

TROES Corp. is a Canadian-based, Advanced Battery Energy Storage company, specializing in Smart Distributed Energy Storage solutions.

Based on LiFePO4 technology, TROES develops, designs, manufactures and delivers high-performance, rigorously-tested, innovative, cloud-based energy storage systems that integrate TROES’ proprietary Battery Modules, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Enclosures and Power Conversion System (PCS).

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