TROES Recognized Among Canada’s Top 15 Innovative Energy Startups by Canadian Venture News 


Toronto, Canada – [April.7, 2023] TROES, a pioneering force in the energy sector, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in Canada Venture News’ prestigious list of “Energizing Canada’s Future: 15 Innovative Energy Startups You Need to Know!” This recognition underscores TROES’ significant contributions to shaping the future of the energy industry and its commitment to sustainable innovation. 

Canada Venture News’ spotlight on TROES showcases the company’s innovative approach to addressing pressing energy challenges. TROES’ cutting-edge products are designed to assist companies by reducing energy costs, enhancing grid stability, and facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid. By providing scalable and efficient energy storage solutions, TROES is empowering businesses to optimize their energy usage and contribute to a more sustainable energy ecosystem. 

“TROES is honored to be recognized by Canada Venture News for our dedication to advancing smart power energy storage solutions,” remarked Vienna Zhou, the CEO and Founder of TROES. “At TROES, our mission is clear: to overcome the limitations of the centralized energy grid and empower CII customers to embrace cleaner, more sustainable power solutions.” 

Canada Venture News’ recognition of TROES highlights the company’s pivotal role in facilitating the transition towards decentralized energy systems. TROES is driving positive change in the energy landscape, fostering resilience, efficiency, and sustainability. 

For further information, readers are invited to read more at Canada Venture News: Canada’s Energy Game Changers: 15 Startups You Need to Know About

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