The Rise of Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS)

Energy Storage as a Service

As energy storage becomes a major player in the pursuit to an emission free world for many countries by 2050, Energy storage as a service (ESaaS) is quickly becoming one of the ways we can achieve this goal. Commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) power consumers are looking for cost-effective and customized energy solutions that solve pain points using different software and services.

What is Energy Storage as a Service?

Before we can dive into the benefits of an energy storage as a service, we must first learn what it is. ESaaS is a combination of three components: 

  • An energy storage system,
  • Control and monitoring system, and
  • A service contract 

Below we break down each component in more detail.

What is Energy Storage as a Service?

The most common sub-set of energy storage used for ESaaS are battery energy storage systems (BESS) due to their many benefits and few drawbacks. The most common type of battery chemistry used in these systems are lithium-iron and flow batteries. We go into more detail on what is battery energy storage systems and the system structure inside a BESS in a different blog.

Monitoring System

Hardware is limited without great software. The monitoring system is responsible for completely managing the operation of the battery management system, energy storage system, and power conversion system. Below we break down TROES’ proprietary technology that makes up the remote monitoring system.

Energy Storage Management System

Energy Management System (EMS) is the main management system for a BESS. The EMS analyses different data such as load profile, solar profile, weather data and more to predict power and renewable generator profile forecast. Our energy management system is a cloud-based software that remotely speaks to all elements at the site using artificial intelligence.

The Energy Storage Management System is the hub for monitoring and managing the battery management system. This system monitors voltage, current, power, alarms, and connections while being able to calculate the state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), cycle number and control the system safety components. Additionally, the ESMS can balance the system to keep higher performance and longer life cycle.

Energy Storage Monitoring and Analysis System

The Energy Simulation System is a new technology that reduces electricity costs for the customer by managing the smart load and renewable generation system. Based off this technology, a simulation system can be performed to provide custom solutions and applications that best fit the project requirements of the client.

Service Contract

Instead of directly purchasing the asset which can be expensive and tie up capital, ESaaS offers flexible financing options that best suit the customer. With TROES, as-a-service solution provides the ability to rent or lease through a partner, monthly payments options, and additional warranty, battery performance guarantee and on-site augmentation. 

The advantages of ESaaS can be applied to several market segments such as utility companies, independent power producers (IPPs), commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) customers, project developers, and off-grid energy users.

One of the key goals at TROES is to provide exceptional service to generate revenue, create savings, and improve electricity resiliency for our customers. Energy storage as a service allows this by bringing a complete turnkey, customer-focused solution that couples high-performance hardware and cloud-based software. Power your next project using battery energy storage by connecting with our team.

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