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Dual-Equilibrium™ Balancing Technology developed by TROES Corp.

  • Post published:15 July 2019
  • Reading time:1 mins read

TROES Corp. designed and developed a proprietary IoT and AI-based modular battery pack. It incorporates the proprietary Dual-Equilibrium™ Balancing Technology – provisional Intellectual Property application filed. With Dual-Equilibrium™ Balancing Technology, it can extend the BESS’s life cycle, increase system efficiency and increase assets value.

TROES Corp. is a Canadian-based, Advanced Battery Energy Storage company, specializing in Smart Distributed Energy Storage solutions.

Based on LiFePO4 technology, TROES develops, designs, manufactures and delivers high-performance, rigorously-tested, innovative, cloud-based energy storage systems that integrate TROES’ proprietary Battery Modules, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Enclosures and Power Conversion System (PCS).

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