Carbondale, Illinois


An 100kW on-grid solar and 250KWh TROES’ BESS system work together at Southern Illinois University, which aims to build a scalable infrastructure consisting of photovoltaic (PV) panels and energy storage units to generate electricity in normal conditions and function as a backup power source in case of an electricity outage.

In the event of power outage, it sustains the operation of a computing and control room and a wireless communication infrastructure. With this infrastructure and data obtained from its operation, the project aims to demonstrate that PV systems with energy storage can provide a viable alternative to traditional diesel-powered generators when selecting backup power sources for small-scale applications.



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Container Cabinet


Solar Integration




High energy bills that includes both consumption charges and demand charges.


On-grid solar and TROES’ BESS system work together as the solar provides power while charging the BESS to be used during peak time or support the load at night. Our solution is a sustainable, wireless communication infrastructure that is a superior alternative to diesel-powered generators. 


TROES was the best choice to build a hybrid BESS that worked together with on-grid solar. It will provide power during peak hours while charging or support the load at night. This will be the source of power when there is a blackout. ​

“Day & Night Solar has worked with TROES and their team on multiple projects. Communications were professional and prompt, and their team provided quality products and services. Any issues that surfaced were minor and handled swiftly. All timelines were, and have been, met by TROES.”

Bob Eaton, Managing Partner, Day & Night Solar

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