TROES Becomes Women Business Enterprise (WBE Canada) Certified

TROES joins WBE Canada

MARKHAM, ON, CANADA, Nov 16, 2022 – TROES Corp., a Canadian Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) manufacturer and microgrid software developer, is proud to announce that they have been certified as a Women Business Enterprise by the Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada). 

WBE Canada certifies Canadian B2B businesses that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and connects them to corporate and government supply chains.

Women-owned businesses tend to create more jobs and have a higher survival rate as compared to other businesses. However, women-owned businesses do not have access to equal opportunities. 

Globally, less than 5% of corporate and federal contracts have been awarded to women, and small businesses led by women are 15% less likely to be awarded federal contracts as noted by Fortune and WBE Canada. To foster inclusivity, it is important to remove the barriers that hinder women-owned businesses – which is why the work of WBE Canada is so significant.

“I believe in diversity and inclusion,” TROES Corp. CEO and founder Vienna Zhou says. “I am proud for TROES to be recognized as a Certified WBE; this will provide many opportunities for us and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next as a woman-owned company. Our team is ready to help organizations tackle current challenges in supply chains.”

According to WBE Canada, these businesses face a variety of challenges including lack of access to capital from investors and clients or lack of access to supply chain opportunities. WBE Canada helps level the playing field by facilitating training, development and networking between women-owned businesses and corporate and government buyers.

TROES recognizes the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by corporations and government organizations today. We are excited to receive WBE certification designation which follows global supplier diversity standards and is recognized by leading Canadian and international organizations. We look forward to adding diversity to the supply chain, as well as connecting with other WBEs, corporations and government organizations to supply our products and services.

“We are excited to have TROES Corp. join our growing Certified WBE community. WBE certification opens the door to domestic and global opportunities which still require business acumen and hard work to bring to fruition. We look forward to seeing how Ms. Zhou and her team leverage these opportunities and grow their business to the next level and fill gaps in supply chains,” said Silvia Pencak, President and CEO, WBE Canada. 

About WBE Canada

Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization that is opening doors for Canadian women-owned businesses to supply chains across Canada, North America and globally. Their mission is to build and grow a strong Canadian ecosystem that connects women-owned businesses to procurement opportunities through advocacy, certification, development, and promotion and helps corporations and governments to deliver on their supplier diversity commitments. Learn more on their website.

About TROES Corp.

TROES Corp. is a technology firm serving renewable and microgrid-based battery energy storage solutions within the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. TROES is building a global champion in the decentralized energy environment by bringing modular hardware and in-house software to offer a complete “Microgrid-in-a-Box” turn-key solution. 

TROES differentiates by developing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering complete, modular, scalable systems – covering the underserved small to medium sized utility companies between 70kWh-5MWh.

Follow us on LinkedIn and visit to know more about TROES’ advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems, its proprietary technology, the various applications and its benefits and advantages over other competitive systems.

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